Diversity: No Pie For You

Vanity Fair’s Hollywood issue seems to show the joyous post-racial status of Hollywood.  But hold on to your popcorn.  The fine people from Lee and Low books put together an infographic breaking down the diversity–or lack there of–in the Academy Awards.  The numbers show when it comes to Hollywood, you may need a passport because it’s a different country.

Academy Awards Infographic 18 24 - FINAL - REVISED 2-24-2014The numbers clearly show a lack of diversity.  Numbers, though, are just the beginning.  Both quality and quality are key to better media representations.


Another day, another example of police brutality.  A man, seated, doing nothing but requesting his right to life, liberty and the pursuit of freedom from police harassment is brought first to tears, and then to the ground.  In America’s quest to completely ignore systematic police harassment examine the repeated evidence of excessive use of police force, let’s look at the relationship between crime and punishment.

So let’s get this straight; according to the law:

shooting unarmed boy= no punishment

asking officer not to touch you=arrest

listening to loud music=death

Time to rethink the whole system.



Is It Better to Just Wonder?

In newsrooms they say “if it bleeds, it leads.”  News reporters like to wring all the drama from your local crimes as they can.    But too often, news coverage leaves us with no answers to crime’s most serious question:  why criminals do what they do?  Imagine the surprise of the local 8 news crew in Knoxville, Tennessee when the stabbing suspect came right up to them and answered that very question.

Soooooo, Satan.  That’s what you’re going with.  Maybe it’s better just to wonder.

99 Problems And Slurs Are 1

Peyton can thankfully put this year’s Superbowl in the rear view, but for the rest of the NFL, the off season’s drama is just as lively as the regular season.  Michael Sam made an appearance this weekend answering questions about his position in the draft, his play on the field, but mostly about is sexual orientation.

As much attention as Micheal Sam occasioned this weekend, the issue of acceptance of professional male gay athletes is just beginning.  Much older, and still in many ways unresolved, is the issue of racial diversity  in the NFL.  This season again spurred several high profile racial flaps like those that we talked about here, and here.


The NFL is now considering a new rule that would levy a 15 yard penalty against players using a racial slur on the field during the game.  Before it is even voted into place, the rule is already stirring up a predictable hornets’ nest of naysayers.  Will the rule be equally enforced?  And if so, by whom?  Won’t it ruin the game to have to police players’ language?  Oh, and the game is so rough, maybe calling people n@##er and f$**ot are part of the game we can’t do without.

The NFL, despite their sweet tax status, is a workplace.  I don’t know about you, but if I yelled a racial slur at my colleague in a faculty meeting, best believe I would be packing up my office by the end of the day.  Now, I don’t want my football ruined any more than you do, but if we’re going to fine players for this:


and this

QHCI2shouldn’t we fine them for yelling n@&&er on live TV?  And if we do, will we fine this guy every time he says redskins?

daniel snyder
Daniel Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, say he will “never” change the name. That’ll be 15 yards per use, Snyder.

Coming Attractions: Belle

From the same people that brought you 12 Years A Slave comes another beautifully crafted historical biopic, Belle.  This film is based on the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, the illegitimate granddaughter of the Earl of Mansfield.


The trailer is beautiful and the film won accolades at the Toronto Film Festival.

Now the question is “Can Fox Searchlight make movies about people of color triumphing that are set int he present day?”  No, Fox, Baggage Claim doesn’t count…

That’s Your Boy?

We pose this question to Texas gubernatorial candidate Greg Allen who invited his pal Ted Nugent on stage this week at a campaign rally.  After appearing with Allen twice on Tuesday, a snowball of criticism  followed Nugent all week, calling him out for his most recent round of outrageous remarks about the president.


Nugent is no stranger to pissing people off.  He has been an outspoken spokesperson for gun rights as a board member for the NRA, a drum banger for the Grand Ole Party, and a staunch critic of Obama.  His incendiary comments have offended women, minorities, gun reform advocates, democrats, and animal lovers.

nugeeeey In fact, Nugent has been blowing up the airwaves since the 1980’s, appearing on talk shows, at rallies, and as a favorite guest on conservative radio.  His most recent comments, calling Obama a “subhuman mongrel” among other things in an interview with guns.com, were on the air for a full month before his appearance this week with Abbott, but when criticism required some response from Abbott, his aids countered that they were unaware of comments.   They added the fact that Nuget drew a crowd–in one instance tripling turn out when it was announced that Nugent would be appearing with Abbott–so perhaps adding Nugent to the rallies was just as calculated a move as it seems to be.


Nor is Abbott the first politician that Nugent has rolled out the rock and roll rant for.  In fact, there is a list of conservative politicians from Rick Perry to Tom Tancredo who have used Nugent to drum up support.  Even as popular-potential-2016-front-runners Ted Cruz and Rand Paul condemned Nugent’s comments this week, you don’t have to look too far back to find them sharing airwaves–and opinions–with Nugent.


The week ended with a  predictable round of tepid apologies from both Nugent and Abbott.  Let’s be clear:  calling Obama a subhuman mongrel is racist.  Nugent has been making these comments for long enough that his apology is meaningless.  It’s time for his political pals to think long and hard about standing next to Nugent and others who feel free to flaunt their racism on TV and radio.


The GOP has enough work to do engaging women and people of color.  Alienating those voters by locking arms with Nugent is an easy mistake to avoid.

Students Suspended Over Tweets But What About the Staff?

Over 60 Chula Vista high Students were suspended this week for posting in and following twitter handle sdsconfess.  School officials were alarmed at tweets posted in the page, outing bad behavior around the school’s campus.  Officials suspended students for cyber bullying, but before the page was taken down, local news affiliate 10 News reports the following tweets on the timeline:

“A male teacher once told me to close my legs because I was tempting him. WE WEAR SKIRTS.”

“Our security guard buys the girls alcohol.”

Now the students have done their time.  Do you think the school will follow up with its own staff to investigate the students’ allegations?  Is it fair to take Twitter serious enough to suspend students but not serious enough to investigate staff?

Got Swoobs? Forget Soap!

In an effort to keep increasing our vocabulary with useful words, Fresh Body gives you swoobs: “the dreaded boob sweat”.  Of course they have just the product to fix your disgusting swoobs. Fresh Breasts is yet another product you didn’t know you needed.

Image 2-23-14 at 7.16 AM

Lest you think this is all about the ladies, Fresh Body want men to waste money freshen up with their own product.

Image 2-23-14 at 7.23 AM (1)

Lotions and creams are a $7 billion dollar industry in the US alone.  Fresh body hopes to swoob swab up the competition. You buying?