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Scandal, Selma and a Black President

In the round up of 2014’s mass media themes, many critics pointed to an increase in diversity. Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal magic, lovely Lupita and Selma marching into theaters it seems like a flood of great media representations of black, right? Sure it’s great to see characters from all different back grounds displayed across network TV […]

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Last night Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted the Golden Globes. Funny as always, they lobbed this joke a perennial ladies man George Clooney. In case you thought they only wore clogs and hated everything, that is what it looks like when feminists tell jokes.

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Yup, They Made That

I Do Mind

Not to shame sex workers or Usher, but this song is just stupid. Girl, I do mind.  If stripping is so empowering, then name a stripper.  Show me where they have the chance to wield power over anything but a penis. Even when it comes to all those bills, strippers aren’t really rolling in the […]

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digits police killings

These numbers refelct the best info available, which isn’t saying much.  Police killed in the line of duty as tracked by the Officer Down Memorial Page, and includes officers killed in auto accidents–26 last year.  Since they do not parse who caused the accident, I included them.  Civilians killed by police tracked by Killed By Police Facebook page–I know, I know, a Facebook page doesn’t sound credible but this is more reliable than FBI statistics, which reflect only “justifiable” homicides.  For more on the lack of stats, visit this Five Thirty Eight post on police involved killings.

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Justin Bieber in a recent move to upgrade his flagging career got an upgrade of his own from the Photoshop gods.  Hot on the heels of some steamy Calvin Klein shots featuring an oh-so-grown Biebs complete with a baby Bieber bulge comes the (shock!) word of Photoshopping. Turns out the bulge was more baby than […]

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