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How Black am I?

We love to take pictures of ourselves.  We love youth.  So, its only a matter of time that we get an app that looks at our selfies and answers the age old question: do I look old?  How-Old.net is a simple site that allows you to choose a picture and, using facial recognition software, it […]

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Yup, They Made That

Summer Smokes

I was out getting summer plants and beach chairs when I happened on this old school summer favorite: Candy cigarettes! Yup they still make that.  I’m old enough to recall puffing these flavorless sticks of sugar after our trips to the candy store in Orleans on Cape Cod.  That was long ago enough to suprise […]

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Is It Racist?

Maz Kanatamima: From Pretty to Pirate

If you’re a Star Wars fan at all, then you’ve probably already watch ed the trailer for JJ Abrams directed reboot Star Wars VII The Force Awakens.  And if you haven’t watched the trailer with Matthew Mc Conaughey, then you haven’t seen the trailer at all. I’ve been waiting to see the reveal of Lupita Nyong’o’s […]

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