Must watch: Try This Instead!

There may not be a lot of room in big time mainstream media for breaking down stereotypes, but lots of web series are riding to the rescue with some fresh and interesting takes on race.  We heard from some of the first ladies of web wonderful-ness  last week.  New week, new web goodness for you.  Got two minutes?  Check out the latest:  “Try This Instead”.  If you love it, share it!

try this casual fri try this hairtry this n word

Susan X Jane

Susan X Jane is a diversity educator, speaker and trainer. She thinks a lot about media and race…a lot. She teaches Communications at Wheelock College, writes and speaks about media…and race... and generally encourages everyone she meets to think about the way media shapes their sense of self and their ideas and beliefs about the world. If you're reading this, she wants you to think about it too. Want to talk about it? Let's go.

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