When Dumb Is Smart

Ah, the siren call of dinging notifications–we love them, we hate them, we seem doomed to live with them.  When was the last anything you did that was not interrupted by a phone? If you’re like the other 187 million people in the US that own a smart phone, you wonder sometimes if it owns you.  But what if you could take back control of that little electronic beast?

Enter the dumb phone case, invented by Jeff Lam at Weiden & Kennedy  .   It seems only right to have and ad maker try to save us all from our phones: who knows better how to make media intrusive than an ad exec?  Here is the answer to all your distraction.

Not only will this phone save you from the lure of your phone, dude’s not even going to charge you for your freedom.  You can print this phone case out yourself using a 3d printer.  No printer? No problem:  here is a map of all the 3d printers in like…the world.


We have the concept to help you de-phone, and now you have the technology.  The question is do you really want to be free?



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