about smntks

smntks is here for you.  No, really.  You may not know me yet, but I want you to feel confidant grabbing the tiger of TV and digital media by the tail and shake its stripes out.  I want to help you navigate our media culture and make sense of the way that race is represented.

Together we’re going to create a conversation where we can begin to untangle the hairy mess that ideas about race and racism in this pop culture fun house create in the real world that we all live in.  We’re going to talk it out in what our moms’ called a civil tone.

Instead of knee jerk reaction, we’re going to think about things, we’re going to be proactive, arming our minds with critical thought and our friends with critical analysis.   When we can, we’re going to make media that elevates the conversation.

We’re going to agree sometimes and disagree at others, but in the end, you and I, we’re going to learn from each other, we’re going to learn about each other and we going to, by sheer force of fabulous thinking start a brain-train to a better world.

9 thoughts on “about smntks”

  1. Good morning,
    I am listening to what you have to say and your thoughts have grabbed my attention. I plan to revisit your blog, dig deeper, and respond to your expressions. There are two types of people in the world: 1. those that have something to say 2. those that always have to say something. It appears that you are in group 1. Please keep making your mark.

  2. I am not American but the stuff you talk about here is very interesting to me especially race issues.I am a Kenyan living in a post colonial culture and we deal with racism on a very different level. The Kind that Africans perpetuate on each other because of the belief ingrained by colonialism that anyone who is not black is inherently superior. This has manifested in several ugly ways over time culminating in a really ugly incident in our capital where a Chinese restaurant was established that would not allow black patrons in after seven on the premise that we are all thugs.It took a media expose to get this restaurant closed down otherwise our authorities may have let the business go on uninterrupted.

    I would love to read your opinions about race on race racism and it’s evolution in America if this is a reality you have witnessed

    1. The legacy of colonialism remains around the world. I think the way it manifest here in America and the way it manifests on the continent are different shades of the same color. Both locations have suffered from historical and political systems that gave power to whites, and even though colonialism and slavery are long past, remnants of those same systems, and the ideology that ran them are still alive and well–in both places. I write about it all the time here at smntks–I hope you’ll keep reading!

      1. I’m glad to have come across your blog and now following. However, you gave redbutterflys a rather pat answer. There are internal racisms even in this country. By that I mean, racisms that exist within the same racial categories. Africans, born in the continent of Africa, and those born in the U.S., do have divergent experiences. Let’s keep the dialogue going.

  3. I am aproaching “Race & Racism” from a historical and biblical approach to the present…I would love to have you stop by and share your thoughts. Mahalo

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