Kultured Kleenex

While literally keeping my nose clean the other day, I happened to notice there on the back of my pack of Kleenex a design description that caught my eye.

photo (1)

Irie Yellow?  Irie is a patois word that originated in Jamaica meaning alright, but also cool, and an adjective for everything superlative.  So then I started to look for the description on the back of the other packs that came together and found a whole island theme going on here: Irie Yellow, Marley Green, and Calypso Blue


The bold geometric designs are attractive, reflect design often found in the Caribbean and avoid typical exotic tropes like palm trees and jungle scenes.    All in all, well played, Kleenex.  Way to give a design nod to the islands without turning the theme into Margarittaville on a tissue.


You almost got two thumbs totally up for avoiding stereotypes altogether but……Marley green?…Okay, I get it.  Still, well played.