Justin Bieber in a recent move to upgrade his flagging career got an upgrade of his own from the Photoshop gods.  Hot on the heels of some steamy Calvin Klein shots featuring an oh-so-grown Biebs complete with a baby Bieber bulge comes the (shock!) word of Photoshopping.

ivb55wzlf1zgn6qvamfuTurns out the bulge was more baby than Bieber.  Photos from the photo shoot before the Photoshop were released and showed a decidedly less buff Biebs with a  decidedly more baby baby bulge in his Calvin Kleins.  Luckily for him, some things do come between him and his Calvin’s–Adobe CS6.


A little digital nip and tuck later, naked Biebs is wearing some extra muscle, some darker skin , more body hair and a bigger boxer bump.  Can it be that the forever-young jailbait Bieber is trying to rebrand himself as a big boy?  He’s got lots of company.

Marky-MarkThe black-and-white-naked-and-cut look has been a fav of pouty pop stars trying to prove they’ve passed puberty.



Justin Timberlake Wallpaper @ go4celebrity.com

I’d say I hop it works as well for JB as JT, but that would be a lie.  Besides, teen hearthrob comes with an expiration date, so my advice for Beiberbait?  Put your pants on and hit the studio.