Utah Mom Buying Porno in Plain Sight

Upset with the display of Pac Sun t-shirts, Utah mom Judy Cox went into the store and bought $567 worth of t shirts .  The series of printed t’s in Pac Sun’s Heartbreaker series feature images of women taken by artist by Van Styles of t-shirts.   They look like this:

Image 2-19-14 at 8.36 PM24 hours later, her story hit the news, went viral, and now everyone wants the shirts.

Image 2-19-14 at 8.35 PM (1)

Do I want legions of horny boys going through puberty at the local mall staring at these shirts? Nope.  So go on with your bad self , Jusy, for wanting to do what you could where you were.  That’s what  taking responsibility is all about.


In the interest of fairness though, don’t blacklist Van Styles, the artist behind the series,  just yet.  Scrolling through his work at The Hundreds online magazine and his own personal pages, his work includes a wider set of subjects with some really beautiful work.

Image 2-19-14 at 8.34 PM (1)

Pushing sexually explicit images to teen boys–Pac Suns target audience–is a bad idea.  But here’s an interesting question for you:  what is the right place and space for sexual images?  Is there a right place and a right way to make images that are beautiful, sexy and PG13+?  If you think there is, please tweet Van Styles.