Neil deGrasse Tyson Speaks, Kicks Over Mic

If you are a science lover then you have probably noticed that Neil deGrasse Tyson, Astrophysicist and public intellectual par excellence is everywhere these days.   He has been cable news’ go to guy for all things science lately, and his lively personality and informed opinion have him commenting on everything from black holes to organized religion to Wu Tang.

Most notably, he is the host of the updated Cosmos, a beautiful, moving and mind-blowing look at the universe we call home.  If you have ever wondered about your place in the universe, you must watch this.  If you have never wondered about your place in the universe, then it is time you do.

It’s safe to say that deGrasse Tyson has made his bones–his well-earned credibility make him a celebrity worth listening to.  In addition to being an all-round brainiac, he has done something quite remarkable–he has become well known as an Astrophysicist who is also black, rather than becoming famous for being a black scientist–a nuanced difference that comes down to being a content expert rather than a notable quota-able, marginalized except to show “hey, look he made it so we can’t be racist!”

Then he said this–a clear, simple compelling answer to disparity that puts institutional barriers into sharp focus:

From the outer Cosmos to the inner workings of institutional racism deGrasse Tyson brings reasoned, measured and reflective thinking to the masses!  You, fine sir, are doing it right!