Peep That: Better Than Egg Whites!

To celebrate Easter and Help you with that lent promise, Dunkin Donuts has introduced the peep donut, a little processed pastel piece of heaven, topped with the icon spun sugar sweet chick peep.


People have a bizzare if loving relationship with the peep.  Someone took the time to make this:


and this:rsz_wowpeeeeps-1

along with a million other little scenes made of/with peeps


So sticking a peep on a donut seems like it should have happened sooner.  With recent news that obesity among young people is down, you may be thinking the peeps donut is just glazed devil, but hold on!  Eat your peeps donut with abandon!  The peeps donut, weighing in with 310 calories has less calories than several of the healthy eating options:

Image 3-31-14 at 8.12 PM Image 3-31-14 at 8.24 PM