Look What A Little Plastic Surgery Can Do For You

Barbie has been the image of femininity for decades, and for most of those decades, women have fretted over the unrealistic image that she presents to young girls.  Many have taken up the charge to make a better doll and Nikolay Lamm is one of them.  Meet his latest creation: Lammily.

lammity 1

Lammily is Barbie with a little more plastic.  Instead of Barbies spurious specs, Lammily is modeled on the CDC’s  measurements of an average  19-year old girl.


You can see that she is a sight different from Barbie when the prototype is compared in the pic below. She may be bigger, but not the monster that many young women feel  their average body makes them.

barbie 2 up

Love it?  Support it.  The doll will be ready for purchase by November. Hope they come in different shades….