Aerie Real(er)

American Eagle’s sister store Aerie is launching its #aeirereal campaign, pledging to stop Photoshopping their models and to not use supermodels.  Even so, the women in these photos are most definitely still very beautiful by most American standards, even if not so visible in fashion.  We have a long way to go till the war on women’s bodies can be called in this country, but every journey is made of a million steps and this Photoshop free campaign looks like one.

aerie real model aerie real description aerie real model 2

Author: Susan X Jane

Susan X Jane is a diversity educator, speaker, and trainer and coach. A former professor and media literacy activist, she now consults with organizations looking to make sense of our current cultural shift. She thinks a lot about media and race…a lot...and writes and speaks about media…and race... and encourages everyone she meets to think about the way our identity shapes our experiences, ideas, and beliefs about the world. If you're reading this, she wants you to think about it too. Want to talk about it? Let's go.

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