Happy International Women’s Day: You Are Like Bacon!

Happy International Women’s Day!  Today the world pauses to celebrate 50% of the world’s population–women.  Now you might be thinking: ‘Since women make up more than 50% of the world population why should they get their own month and when will men get a Men’s Day and Men’s History Month?  This is so unfair!’  Hold up.

Image 3-8-14 at 12.55 PM

Even though women make up 50% of the world population, they don’t have an equal share of financial wealth or political power.  Globally, women do 60% of the labor, but own less than 1% of the world’s property.  That’s right–women in the U.S. included–women hold only 1% f the world’s wealth.


When it comes to politics, women still don’t have equal representation in government.   Even when in office, women continue to combat stereotypical commentary on their looks and family roles.  Again, don’t comfort yourself by thinking this is only the situation in the developing world.  The United States has not had a female at the helm in the history of the presidency.  If Hilary takes the office in the upcoming 2016 election, that’s still 1 in 44. 


Even the most unscientific research–Google Auto correct– reveals the uphill battle women face in the fight for equity.  How do we think of who women are?  What can they do?  What should they do?

Image 3-8-14 at 1.09 PM (3)Image 3-8-14 at 1.09 PM (1) Image 3-8-14 at 1.09 PM (2)Okay, so we’re like bacon, shouldn’t vote or work, and can’t have it all.  It may not be scientific, but these ideas are popular–that’s why they rank high in the search terms.  I’m sure you’ve heard all these ideas about women before–except maybe the bacon thing….or maybe…

lady gaga

Interstingly, our not so scientific study has one more finding.  When I entered “women deserve”, Google had nothing to offer…

Image 3-8-14 at 1.09 PMSo even as Google and the rest of the world celebrate women in today’s doodle, the wider discourse about women continues age old patterns of inequality.   Raise your glass to amazing women today, but even as we celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s plot to break out of March and claim our 50%.

Author: Susan X Jane

Susan X Jane is a diversity educator, speaker, and trainer and coach. A former professor and media literacy activist, she now consults with organizations looking to make sense of our current cultural shift. She thinks a lot about media and race…a lot...and writes and speaks about media…and race... and encourages everyone she meets to think about the way our identity shapes our experiences, ideas, and beliefs about the world. If you're reading this, she wants you to think about it too. Want to talk about it? Let's go.

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