Big Fish and Dog Licks

I’ve noticed a lot of ads for mobile games like Bubble witch, Pet Rescue Saga and Papa Pear.  All three are games produced by King, the company that created the wildly addictive Candy Crush Saga.


If these games are your fave, you’re probably not the typical gamer.  Kings target audience is women, particularly 20 something and up.  This strategy has made King one of the hottest internet game companies.  While King’s IPO didn’t thrill at a little over $20.00 a share, it’s still holding on as a multimillion dollar publicly traded company.  Not bad money made off of virtual lollipops and donuts.

candy_crush_saga_tipsBut with Candy Crush’s popularity waning, it should be no surprise that Big Fish games is circling like a shark.  Big Fish has an ad with a particularly feminine flair–check it out:

Okay, is it me, or does the ad scream “I’m the perfect game for lonely dog/cat ladies doing nothing at home”?  And if you are that dog/cat lady, please know that playing slots on your iPad will not result in a Sex-In The-City life .  You’re going to have to put that cat on a leash and leave the house if you want to meet hot guys.