I’m pretty sure that when Cecil the Lion was murdered by illegal poachers headed by an American dentist, it wasn’t for his sex appeal.  And yet with months to go before Halloween, the first Sexy Cecil the Lion costume is yours for  a few bills….


….with a cut to go to animal conservation of course….

Cecil_the_Lion description

which makes it all okay. No, not really.  Please, Halloween responsibly.

Here, Ladies, Don’t Spend It All on Shoes

I came across this super cute ad from Australia’s ANZ Bank where little girls detail a world that seems weighted on their failure.  The depressing facts are spoken in sweetly by girls in some fantasy room, drenched with sunbeams and piled with books.  To top it off, there’s one tough little grasshopper who wants youth know how strong these girls can be.

Nice, right?  The ad is a part of a campaign by ANZ Bank to address the gender wage gap.  In addition to the ad, their announced they will be adding and extra $500 to the annuity funds of each of their 12,700 Australian female employees. That’s 6.3 million dollars  for the ladies: bonus!

Now I love free money as much as the next, and the bank is clearly articulating that they know the wage gap exists-soooo with you! As a woman that earns a wage, I’d rather be paid fairly–every year–than receive a lady-boys to make up for it.  That seems like a booby prize to me.  I wager I’m not the only woman who wants  wage equity, not a handout.


Summer Smokes

I was out getting summer plants and beach chairs when I happened on this old school summer favorite:


Candy cigarettes! Yup they still make that.  I’m old enough to recall puffing these flavorless sticks of sugar after our trips to the candy store in Orleans on Cape Cod.  That was long ago enough to suprise me when I saw they still make these gateway snacks.

taffy-turtles-fudge signSure the work cigarettes is gone, but the box, complete with european union style tax stamp at the top let’s kids know its still cool to smoke ’em if you got ’em.


I Do Mind

Not to shame sex workers or Usher, but this song is just stupid.

Girl, I do mind.  If stripping is so empowering, then name a stripper.  Show me where they have the chance to wield power over anything but a penis.

Even when it comes to all those bills, strippers aren’t really rolling in the dough.  Stripper salary comparisons are hard to find, but estimated annual earning range from $25,000 to $120,000, with most falling at the low end of the scale.   Income from stripping also doesn’t take into account the emotional and physical toll of the job.  Usher, do you really want your girl grinding on old guys for a $20 bill?  You should mind.

Way Unfair

Over the summer I was sick for a bit.  Laid out on the couch I faded in and out of sleep for hours.  Every time I woke up, I saw this ad–every damn time: This ad is catchy and terrible at the same time.  The lyrics are less than musical and the nice spread of diversity does little to make it better.  Dear Wayfair, knock it off.

Big Fish and Dog Licks

I’ve noticed a lot of ads for mobile games like Bubble witch, Pet Rescue Saga and Papa Pear.  All three are games produced by King, the company that created the wildly addictive Candy Crush Saga.


If these games are your fave, you’re probably not the typical gamer.  Kings target audience is women, particularly 20 something and up.  This strategy has made King one of the hottest internet game companies.  While King’s IPO didn’t thrill at a little over $20.00 a share, it’s still holding on as a multimillion dollar publicly traded company.  Not bad money made off of virtual lollipops and donuts.

candy_crush_saga_tipsBut with Candy Crush’s popularity waning, it should be no surprise that Big Fish games is circling like a shark.  Big Fish has an ad with a particularly feminine flair–check it out:

Okay, is it me, or does the ad scream “I’m the perfect game for lonely dog/cat ladies doing nothing at home”?  And if you are that dog/cat lady, please know that playing slots on your iPad will not result in a Sex-In The-City life .  You’re going to have to put that cat on a leash and leave the house if you want to meet hot guys.