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How to lose friends and anger people in 140 characters or less. Kids, do not try this at home.

No, You Can’t Say N*%%r, and P.S. Your Former Employer Profited From Slavery

Christine Lindgren really thinkS she should be able to use the n word, and she’s hopping mad about it.  So mad that she penned an open letter went apeshit on Facebook to express herself.

Lovely.  Thank you. And thanks for the lesson in African slave trading.  Yes, Africans did participate in the capture of people’s later traded in the transatlantic slave trade.  And who funded those ships? Banks. Like the bank you used to work for, little Christine.  

Perhaps, Miss Lindgren, you can research Americs darkest chapter now that you have been fired–even former slavers don’t want to be racist anymore.  Maybe you could check out Roots with Kwiku Dog.

We Believe You

Continuing on the “success” of his foray into whiteface, Nick Cannon wants to be clear.  In case you didn’t know:

Image 4-6-14 at 11.55 PM


Cannon has been using racialized language to get attention for his new album White People’s Party Music. Mr. Cannon clearly needs a primer on race, prejudice and racism, and why none of it is a good thing.

Sore Winners Suck

Despite my recent plea to educators to get in the game of growing a less racist generation,  this weekend saw another incident in this long losing season for hight school sports.   This week sore winners from the Howell, Michigan joined the parade of racist tweeters in the too-crowded pool of racist high school athletes after their recent win against rivals Grand Blanc.  According to the Flint Journal, tweets included:

“Not only did we beat Grand Blanc but we’re all white. Howell’s the definite winner tonight.”

“All hail white power. #HitlerIsMyDad”

“Tonight was probably one of the most racists nights of my life. I heard so many slurs and expressions. I also said a few things…”

Hastags with other tweets included  #kkk, #lightthehcross, #rosaparks, #wewhite.

The tweets were followed by outrage, concerned hand wringing, and reports from Grand Blanc players the they were called the N word during the game, not just after on twitter.

Thankfully, Coach Nick Simon is on the case.  He told Flint Journal reporter Aaron Mc Mann his team had not ever said that, and he would have heard any such name calling.

Looks like you shouldn’t hold your breath for an apology.



Students Suspended Over Tweets But What About the Staff?

Over 60 Chula Vista high Students were suspended this week for posting in and following twitter handle sdsconfess.  School officials were alarmed at tweets posted in the page, outing bad behavior around the school’s campus.  Officials suspended students for cyber bullying, but before the page was taken down, local news affiliate 10 News reports the following tweets on the timeline:

“A male teacher once told me to close my legs because I was tempting him. WE WEAR SKIRTS.”

“Our security guard buys the girls alcohol.”

Now the students have done their time.  Do you think the school will follow up with its own staff to investigate the students’ allegations?  Is it fair to take Twitter serious enough to suspend students but not serious enough to investigate staff?

The Sins of the Sons are Visited on the Father(land)

Boston Globe writer wowed us with his balanced expression of bigotry and world geography mastery with this tweet  that he sent during the Opening ceremony in Sochi referring to the Boston Marathon bombers .  So much wrong in just 140 characters.

Is is really fair to blame all of Russia and the other country they were from, Kyrgyzstan, or did you just mean Russia?
Is is really fair to blame all of Russia and the other country they were from, Kyrgyzstan, or did you just mean Russia?