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4 Reasons to Love 4:44

These have been hard years for black people.  Every woke person I know is spiritually exhausted from the sheer effort of bearing not the burdens of our ancestors but the current load of racism that confronts us every. day. in America.  Trump and his Whisis army of lone shooters perpetrating a race war, killer cops who walk and […]

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You're Doing It right

Potential Over Pity

If you think that Africa is a wild land of pirates and tyrants, take a look at this: Mama Hope’s motto is,”Stop the Pity. Unlock the Potential”–we couldn’t have said it better.  Consider yourself schooled!

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smntks Says

We Ain’t What We Ought to Be

Today is the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech.  The 50 years since that famous speech stand today as a measuring stick to place blackness in America against.  To paraphrase MLK himself, it’s 50 years later and the negro is still not free.  Now I can hear you shouting “Black […]

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