Verizon is at it again this week with an interesting ad.

While Girls in elementary school like math and science at rates close to their male counterparts, by the time girls reach collage the gap has widened considerably.    Encouraging girls to focus on outside appearance instead of intellectual pursuits not only affects the girls themselves, but all of us–you, me and your kids, too.

Anyone that watched the wonder that was Cosmos learned that there were lots of women in the sciences that made discoveries critical to our understanding of the world.  Diversity of gender–or race for that matter–isn’t just nice, it ensures that our best and brightest get the support they need build us all a better future.



Limited Potential

This Verizon ad has been running widely lately, featuring some fine young black artists. The ad was originally developed as part of a black history month celebration.

Extended interaction online and at live events include a health challenge, several videos, and events; though it looks like it hasn’t updated since it’s limited launch in February, while ads are still in heavy rotation.  The whole campaign is aimed at inspiring young people to reach their potential–great job!–by buying their products. #thisisanadnotacharity