Digits Women’s History Month Edition: We’re Number 28!

From the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2015


And cause, you know, we love to be number one, here’s some March madness rankings of our gender gap compared with 100+ of our nearest neighbors.  Spoiler alert, Iceland won global rankings of gender equity.

Global_Gender_Gap_Report_2015 index

9-to-1 Sounds Even, Right?

digits police killings

These numbers refelct the best info available, which isn’t saying much.  Police killed in the line of duty as tracked by the Officer Down Memorial Page, and includes officers killed in auto accidents–26 last year.  Since they do not parse who caused the accident, I included them.  Civilians killed by police tracked by Killed By Police Facebook page–I know, I know, a Facebook page doesn’t sound credible but this is more reliable than FBI statistics, which reflect only “justifiable” homicides.  For more on the lack of stats, visit this Five Thirty Eight post on police involved killings.

See Our Diversity

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And here are those words:

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